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Deepinmood is a project of jazzy, funky, lounge and freaky music. At the moment five compositions are already recorded:

"Breeze" (released on June 9, 2008) - a light nostalgic wind of lounge-house. A girl is talking an invented language. This is a language and verbal music at the same time, surrounding the thoughts and diffusing in vivifying smells and chords. The improvisational palette is united by common sound.

"Jazzymood" (released on January 9, 2009) is seduction of a woman in the very early morning, when the day is just breaking, and the sun has not risen yet. A man sitting on the sofa is observing her dance and smiling mischievously. Falling silk, spilt coffee, games of the naughty girl... "Jazzymood" was recorded in cooperation with "Saulius Šiaučiulis Jazz Trio".

"Beautiful Day in Tokyo" (released on June 27, 2010) - a fresh respite of Japanese air. Tuneful allusion to the 80's, a soulful melody of the theremin. Japanese weather forecasts had been red specially for the "Deepinmood" by  ないとう ゆみこ (Yumiko Naito).

"Dark Moon Swing" (released on July 8, 2011) - crazy dance under the Dark Moon. Retro sound and surprising tunes. Saxophone was played by Laimonas Urbikas.

"Downtown river" (released on March 17, 2013) - cheerful jazzy lounge house. Saxophone was played by Algis Kilis.

The author of "Deepinmood" is Kristijonas Lučinskas.